Q: How soon do I need to place my order?
A: Orders should be placed with a minimum of 6 week lead time. Orders with less lead time are subject to Rush Order Fees and expedited shipping costs. I reserve the right to accept or decline any order for any reason. Certain times of the year are busier than others making it impossible for me to accept every order. Please plan accordingly.

Q: I only see starting at prices listed. I want to know the price of a sash.
A: Sash pricing is determined by a variety of factors including amount of embroidery, threads & fabrics selected, fonts selected, & extras (i.e. rhinestone banding, additional ornamentation). For a price quote, please email me. So that I can provide an accurate price quote, please include as much information as possible. For your convenience, I've added a form that can be found on the "Contact" page. Simply fill it out and click on "Submit". I will respond to your inquiry at my earliest convenience. Typically you can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

Q: If I place a large order do I get a discount?
A: Sorry, but there are no volume discounts since each sash or embroidered item must be made as ordered. I offer personalized service and specialize in smaller orders.
Q: I wanted to place a sash order but don't see it listed on an order form. How will I go about ordering?
A: To place a custom order, please either email me or fill out and submit the How to Order form on the "Contact
 page with your specific needs such as the quantity of sashes needed and date of your event. Certain times of the year are busier than others making it impossible for me to accommodate every request. Please note that some fabrics take longer to come in if they are a special order. I make all attempts to keep the popular colors in stock, but I need to allow enough shipping time if I need to place a fabric order. I make all attempts to meet deadlines in a timely fashion.

Q: I want rhinestones on my banners. How much extra will that cost?
A: The current pricing for rhinestone banding is as listed. For rhinestone ornamentation that is not listed (i.e. a special order trim)and the associated costs, please contact us. Please note: If you are ordering a special order trim, minimum quantities may be applicable.

Q: Do sashes come in a smaller size for younger girls between the ages of 6 and 10?
A: Sashes are cut to size as requested. The shortest length available is 48" which fits children between the ages of 0-2. For lengths longer than 72" there is an additional fabric fee.

Q: Is it possible to be shown a picture of each of the colors the banners come in?
A: Color charts are available for each style on each page. PLEASE NOTE: There are color discrepancies between the actual fabrics and the way they are displayed on computer monitors. If you are looking for specific colors and need to match a specific color, I will require a sample of your fabric so that I may match satin colors. The most popular satin colors are White, Ivory,& Black with a color contrast trim. Sorry, but sashes are not available without contrast trim.

Q: Is it possible to be shown a picture of all the different fonts available?
A: Yes, there is an extensive font section available with over 175 fonts, please email me with your specific request.

Q: Can I have a title or words (i.e. the division such as princess, sweethearts, and queens, etc.) written across the top around a crown?
A: Yes, you can depending on the size and style of the font selected. There are also many other non-crown designs available. Please contact us with the type of design requested

Q: I would like to order blank sashes. Are they available for purchase?
A: No, I do not sell blank sashes. I only sell finished embroidered sashes.

Q: I own a pageant shop and would like to place a wholesale order. Can you please tell me how to place a wholesale order and can I be an authorized retailer of CW sashes?
A: Due to the highly customized nature of my sashes, I do not offer wholesale pricing to retailers. Instead, I offer affordably priced, quality sashes to all at the same prices.

Q: I live outside of the USA and would like to place an order for sashes. Do you accept international orders?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: I need something special sewn on my sashes (i.e. pockets). Can you do that?
A: In most cases, yes, I can sew special items to sashes. To determine whether or not I am able to accommodate your request, please email me directly and provide as much information as possible. Please note: additional assembly fees may apply.

Q: I noticed that your sashes are 4" wide. I want a special width sash. Can I order one?
A: Yes, sashes can be made to your specifications. Please note: there may be additional fees depending on your needs.

Q: I have a sash that says it was made by your company. I need to order a replacement sash. Can I order one?
A: If your sash has a company logo and was received at a pageant, you must contact the director to order the replacement. You cannot order a replacement without the written consent of your director.

Q: I would like a catalog. Can you send me one?
A: Christine Warren is a green company which means that there are no print catalogs available. Please refer to the website for all information. 

Pageant Sashes FAQs 

Have a question regarding a custom sash order? Check out this helpful section. If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact us.