Block Font #13
Block Font #27 -
Upper Case Only
- Campus
Font Baskerville


Script Font #17
Font Lucida Call
Single Color
- Goudy
Font HighTower
- Tiffany
Block Font #20
Font Script
Block Font #1


Script Font #5
Block Font #34
Block Font #33
Block Font #32
Block Font #4
Font Monotype
Block Font #10



Block Font #12


Font Times

Sash Trims & Banding

Looking to embellish your sash? There are several different options currently available in a wide range of prices. Prices listed below are for the trim and trim application to a sash. Prices do not include base sash cost. 

​Traditional Rhinestone Banding - Option 1

Single Row Rhinestone Banding
Colors Available: Crystal, Crystal AB
This beautiful trim is a perennial favorite with pageant enthusiasts.
The banding is SEWN, not glued to the sash.
Trim placement is beside the color contrast trim of the sash.
Stone size is approximately 19ss (Approximately 1/4" wide).

Prices: Crystal – front of sash only $38/sash
Crystal – front & back of sash $76/sash
Crystal AB – front of sash only $40/sash

Crystal AB – front & back of sash $80/sash

Traditional Rhinestone Banding - Option 2

Prices: Crystal – front of sash only $76/sash
Crystal – front & back of sash $152/sash
Crystal AB – front of sash only $80/sash
Crystal AB – front & back of sash $160/sash


Sequin Trim - Single Row

Sequin Trim Price: $16.95/sash per single row of sequin trim for front and back of sash.

Sequin trim is sewn to sash .

Colors available: Silver,Gold,Red,Taffy Pink,Black Iris, Purple,Fuchsia .


Script Font #14


For a Poly-Matte Satin Sash that uses a level 2 font, the prices start at $50/sash + shipping and extras
For a shiny satin sash that uses a level 2 font, the prices start at $54/sash + shipping and extras

Font Georgia
Single Color
- Western
Font Gloucester
Script Font #77
Script Font #30

Sash & Logo Design

Regal Design (Images above to give an idea of SOME of our designs) 

There are currently 15 different stock crown designs available. Crowns #1-10, and #15 are available in a single tone metallic thread. Please specify color preference.

Crowns #11-14 are sewn out in 2 different threads. Most often, these crowns are sewn out in gold and silver thread. If requested, they can be sewn out in 2 different shades of gold or silver.

There are many other themed designs available, if you are interested in a specific design/idea (i.e. pansy flower), please email us. 

Block Font #35
Single Color
- Full
Block Font #8
Script Font #2
Font Brush S
Block Font #7
Block Font #6


For a Poly-Matte Satin Sash that uses a level 1 font, the prices start at $48/sash + shipping and extras
For a shiny satin sash that uses a level 1 font, prices start at $50/sash + shipping and extras

The following colors are Stock colors and can be ordered for single sash orders: White, Ivory, Goldmine, Fiesta Coral, Ice Pink, Peppermint Pink, Raspberry Ice, Mystic Burgundy, Red, Aubergine, Capri Iris, Lavender, Majestic Purple, Radiant Violet, Pacific, Royal Blue, Navy, Capri Turquoise, Shamrock, Silver, Black.

All other color trims are available with a 12 sash minimum order. Color availability is subject to change without notice. Colors listed below should be used as a guide as there are discrepancies between the actual fabric color and computer monitor display colors. If you need to match a specific color, please mail a fabric swatch to me so that I may get a close color match for you.

Block Font #31

Due to the advanced embroidery programs I utilize, I am able to convert almost any true-type font into an embroidery format. 


For a Poly-Matte Satin Sash that uses a level 3 font, the prices start at $65/sash + shipping and extras
For a shiny satin sash that uses a level 3 font, the prices start at $69/sash + shipping and extras

Please note that prices for Embroidered sashes are dependent on the font selection and amount of embroidery required. For an accurate price, customers should request a custom quote.​

Shiny Poly Satin Fabric Color Selection 

Colors Available: White, Black, Ivory, Royal Blue, Red, Bubble Gum, Hunter, Swiss Coffee

​Other colors available by special order with a (12) sash minimum order. Colors listed at right should be used as a guide. Actual fabric color(s) may and will vary from colors shown. Christine Warren Shiny Satin sashes are hand washable and durable.

Colors may be added or discontinued without notice.

Pageant Sashes - Sash Fabrics

For the main section of any sash:

White, Ivory, Black, Navy Blue, Red
Colors available for trim shown above.

Poly-matte satins are the most popular fabric selection for sashes due to their durability, washability, and extensive color selections.

Font Edwardian

Pageant Sashes

When you make an investment in a high quality, handcrafted Christine Warren sash, you reduce the need to order replacement sashes during a queen's reign!

Christine Warren offers customers an extensive collection of over 175 different font options, custom logo digitization services, and with the release of the satin collection, Christine Warren is the only US sash manufacturer to offer over 100 different satin trim colors (some colors require a minimum quantity order).

What else makes Christine Warren sashes so special?

All CW sashes are:
*Fully lined
*Tailored at the shoulder seam so that the sash lays neatly at the shoulder
*Finished with contrast trim
*Include standard Velcro closures at the hip

All sashes are approximately 4" wide and 70-72" in length. Other widths & lengths are available upon request. The shortest length produced is 48".

Current fabrics available include the perennial favorite poly-matte satin and new shiny poly satin.

There are many different embroidered designs available for sashes. Extra Options available include metallic threads, rhinestone decoration, rhinestone banding, and sequin trim.

Due to the customized nature of each sash, please submit a written sash price quote request.

If you would prefer to email us directly, for a personalized price quote please include the following:

  1. Fabric selection(s)

  2. Font(s)

  3. Optional logo design

  4. Title

  5. Any trims and embellishments you may be interested in purchasing.

  6. Destination city, state, and zip code (for shipping cost calculations)

Custom Digitization Services

Do you have a custom company logo and would like to use it on your sashes and embroidered apparel?

Then this section is for you.

Before a company logo can be embroidered on a garment, the artwork must be converted into an embroidery file. This process is called digitization.

Q: How do I initiate a digitization order and get a price quote?
A: In order to begin the process, you will need to email a copy of your logo or artwork to Christine in either bmp or jpeg format. You will also need to tell Christine what items your logo will be embroidered on (i.e. sash, hat, jacket, tote bag, etc.). The more information provided enables the staff to determine how many files you will need and to prepare an accurate price quote. Once received, your artwork is reviewed by the digitizer who determines the digitization fee and length of time required to build the file(s). In most cases embroidery quotes are prepared within 2 business days and embroidery files are built within (5) business days upon receipt of payment.

Christine about digitization

Q: Is digitization a one time fee or do I have to pay it more than once?
A: Digitization is a one-time fee for artwork that is converted to a specific size embroidery file. There is no limit on the number of times this file can be sewn out. However, if you decide to re-design your company logo at a future date, a new file will need to be built. New Company Logo/Artwork =New Set up/New Embroidery File(s)
This means that you will need to pay an additional digitization fee(s) for the new logo embroidery file(s) necessary for your sash and garment orders.

Q: I already paid a set-up fee with a different company. If I get a copy of my file, can you use it on my stuff?
A: Effective June 2009, Christine Warren no longer accepts embroidery files built by other companies. This policy change was implemented after repeated problems with outside files that were built for other embroidery systems. Each embroidery system has its own unique set of requirements. Our files are built specifically for our system. If you wish to use your company logo on work completed by Christine Warren, then you will be charged a file set-up fee.

Q: Can I get a copy of my embroidery file?
A: Due to past problems, we no longer release embroidery files.

Q: How much does digitization cost?
A: There is no flat fee for digitization. Digitization fees vary and are determined by the size of the design, the amount of detail work, the estimated stitch count, and the amount of time required to build the files.

If you have any questions regarding digitization and don't see an answer here, please 
contact us.