BOTH fabric lines are 100% polyester and are hand-washable or spot clean. 
Poly-Matte and Shiny Satin options.

Poly-Matte satin STOCK colors are: White, Ivory, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Jewel Blue, Majestic Purple, Silver—ALL other colors require a 12 sash minimum order
Shiny Satin STOCK colors are: White, Ivory, Black, Royal Blue, Red, Cerise





Rhinestone Banding

Option 1: (Single Row)
1 row, Crystal, Sash front only $38
1 row, AB, Sash front only $40
1 row, Crystal, Front & Back $76
1 row, AB, Front & Back $80

Style #1: Marquis

Letters have a semi-matte finish in several solid color choices that are smooth to the touch. No glitter or texturized finish of the letters. A beautiful, elegant selection for all occasions.
(see photo of the Miss Teen America Princess Sash)

Print color options: White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Copper, Yellow, Burgundy, Brown

Price starting at $32 + shipping and extras

Available Fonts for Commemorative Sashes

  • Times Roman
  • Palantino Italic

Photos courtesy of Photographic Vision

What are commemorative sashes?

Commemorative sashes are a beautiful, budget friendly alternative to traditional embroidered sashes that celebrate a special event or pageant. Constructed from the same premium quality satins as the embroidered sashes, they are hand-washable, spot cleanable thus making them an ideal option for customers who need sashes that will withstand repeated use. The primary difference between the two sash styles is the creation and application of letters and designs. With the commemorative style, every letter is precision cut by a computer-driven machine for clean, exact letter formation and then permanently applied to the satin.

Style #3: Showcase

Letters have a smooth to the touch finish but have a dimensional holographic property that captures and reflects light in a similar fashion to rhinestones. Creates a stage-worthy statement without the costs of rhinestone decoration.
(see photo of Miss Firecracker sash)

Print color options: Silver, Black, Gold, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Green

Price starting at $38 + shipping and extras

There are many other fonts available, just inquire about availability!


  • Century Schoolbook

  • Cooper

  • Arial
  • Verdana


Sequin Trim

1 row, Front and back of sash $16.95
Color Options available: Silver, Gold, Red, Royal Blue (Not pictured: Red, Royal Blue)
NOTE: Other colors may be available by special order, Please inquire for current special order color availability


Style #2: Deluxe

Letters have a textured glitter finish that glistens under stage and natural lighting. Glitter stays in place and does not fall off due to a permanent bond with the fabric. 
(see photo of the Lake Festival Ambassador sash)

Print color options: white, black, silver, gold, orange, bronze, light pink, red, maroon, lavender, purple, royal, navy, aqua, jade, green, 

Price starting at $35 + shipping and extras



Rhinestone Banding

Option 2: (Double Row)
2 row, Crystal, Sash front only $76
2 row, AB, Sash front only $80
2 row, Crystal, Front & Back $152
2 row, AB, Front & Back $160