Marquis Style

Marquis style (formerly standard)
2.0" wide $11
2.5" wide $12
3.0" wide $14


Deluxe (formerly textured glitter)
2.0" wide $15.50
2.5" wide $16.50
3.0" wide $17.50

Ribbon Sash Options


Showcase (formerly hologram)
2.0" wide $14
2.5" wide $15
3.0" wide $16​

Christine Warren Stage Sashes

Whether you are looking for a simple ribbon sash for your contestants on stage or a budget friendly banner for a festival, these ribbon sashes are an affordable alternative to traditional embroidered sashes.

The ribbon sashes are constructed from high quality, heavy weight ribbon and are available in either one or two toned color options. One color ribbons are available in either 2, 2.5, or 3 inch widths. The two-toned ribbons are 3 inches wide with a 2” wide center contrast. Lettering is sized according to the sash width. Sash lengths are 70-72” but can be cut slightly shorter upon request. The shortest length available is 50”.

These sashes are NOT washable/dry cleanable. They are meant for limited use or as a keepsake to mark a special event. A sticky back piece of Velcro is included with each ribbon which eliminates the need for pinning or additional sewing.

Please Note - Due to the limitations of computer monitors colors may vary slightly to those shown.